The following text is from the official bio given out by 20th Century Fox in conjunction with the release of the show in 1967.  Yvonne's life and career has moved on since the show, but this bio gives a perspective of how she was being presented during the time of the production.

    Even more impressive than her long list of screen credits is the personality of Yvonne Craig, who stars in the role of Batgirl in BATMAN, produced by Greenway Pro­ductions in association with 20th Century-Fox Television.

    The green-eyed, petite (5" 4") Miss Craig has dual identity in the series, playing both the crimefighting femme and diminutive Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon (Neil Hamilton, and working in Gotham City Library.

    Although, her personal tastes don't include active crimefighting, Yvonne's ex­periences cover almost as broad a spectrum.

    Born in Illinois and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas, Texas, her first ambition was to-become a ballerina- She studied in Dallas and was a protege of Alexandra Danilova at the Edith Names School, recognized as one of the finest of its type in the western United States.

    Miss Danilova, in fact, gave Yvonne a big push toward a life in ballet when she established a scholarship fund for the young high school girl to study under George Balanchine at the School of American Ballet in New York, Yvonne studied and re­hearsed in New York for six months and was offered a scholarship by Balanchine that would have taken her into the New York City Ballet company.

    However, Yvonne instead auditioned for the Ballet Russe in New York and, at the ripe old age of 16 was accepted and told to report for work the following season.  She accepted the contract, returned to Dallas and set about completing her high school education at Sunset High School.

    On the threshold of a promising career in one of the most graceful yet physically demanding forms of art, Yvonne suffered a setback.  She was not permitted to graduate with her high school class because she had flunked a class three years in a row.  The class? Physical education.

    "I just kept refusing to get dressed for gym classes/' she recalled.  "I didn't want to wear bloomers - they were droopy in the seat - and also, I was always chosen last on any team. I guess thats because whenever a baseball was" hit near me in the out­field, all I could do was cover my head.  Then, when the ball landed and I tried to pick it up, I kept kicking it farther from me, it was a nightmare."

    How does she reconcile the physical demands of ballet with her dislike for athletics?

    "In dancing, you don't have to beat anybody.  You only have to be better today than you were yesterday."

    She returned to New York and the Ballet Russe company and toured for three years/ covering al! of the continental United States and Canada.  It was on her second trip to California with the touring troupe that she got - and passed up - her first opportunity in Hollywood.

    "A friend had arranged an appointment for me with Joe Pasternak at MGM and when ! went to see him ! explained that we were due to appear in San Diego that night,” she recalled.  "He told me that MGM would fly me back to Hollywood for the test and then on to Denver, where the Ballet Russe was next appearing."

    "When ! arrived in San Diego/ I got to thinking about all the money MGM would spend on me for a screen test and travel expenses," she said, "and I still wanted to be a ballerina. So I sat down in the hotel and wrote Mr.  Pasternak a note/ telling him as politely as possible, not to waste his money, I wanted to be a ballerina - period! I was making $84 a week at that time.  Wow!"

    The second knock from opportunity came a year later when, after leaving the Ballet Russe ("I was tired of living in a suitcase!”) she was in Los Angeles studying at the Eugene Loring School of Ballet before accepting a part in the Marquis de Guevas ballet company of Monte Carlo.

    "Fortunately for me/ I got a letter from a girlfriend who told me all about the conditions there and I reconsidered the choice of a life inside a Monte Carlo rehearsal hall."

    Still studying with the Loring School/ Yvonne was dining with friends one evening when director jerry Hopper and actor Patrick Wayne (son of John Wayne) spotted her and soon after set her for a featured role in "The Young Land."

    "Working pretty steadily" included appearances in such theatrical features as "Gidget," "The Gene Krupa Story," "High Time" and "By Love Possessed" and television series including "77 Sunset Strip” "Sam Benedict," "The Dick Powell Theatre," "Mr. Lucky," "Dobie Gillis," "Dr.  Kildare," "Ben Casey," "The New Breed," "90 Bristol Court," "The Man From U.N.C.L.E., " and "My Favorite Martian."

    Yvonne's best friend and almost constant companion is a polka dotted stuffed giraffe named Geraldine Genevieve who, she said, "Is a Howard Johnson's baby I adopted when on tour with the Ballet Russe. " Among her other close friends, Yvonne numbers a Yorkshire terrier named Sebastian/ a chipmunk named Charlie and an otter named Molly who "currently is on loan-out to a pet store."

    The petite (she wears size 5-clothes) actress-dancer is the daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. Maurice Craig and has a younger sister, Mrs.  Meridel Carson, and a younger brother, David, who is a college student in Texas. Her father is a too! and die maker and her mother is assistant buyer for the Sanger-Harris store in Dallas.

    Yvonne lives in a Hollywood hills apartment that is furnished in Spanish colonial furniture she purchased in Mexico.

    Places yet to see on her international itinerary include Russia ("I studied the Russian language at UCLA at night/ but I don't speak it at all"), Wales ("because my ancestors were Welsh") and Ireland ("because it's so green").

    She spends her leisure time reading (Bernard Malamud, Phillip Roth and the short stories of John Updike), skiing and studying ballet but she refuses to label any of her relaxation time as a vacation.

(in 1967)

Height:   5 4" Eyes:  Green
Weight: 109 lbs.   Birthdate: May 16th
Hair: Brown Birthplace:

Taylorville, Ill